In the words of Queen Bey

Call me Candace. Candi.  Or even better, lets make it OFFICIAL and call me your Event Planner…I’ll respond to all of them!  See what I did there..Ha.  Call me a little crazy but events and all their endless details give me LIFE.  Many moons ago (okay maybe not that long ago), I realized that all those years working in the service industry at hotels, country clubs and even a Barista stint at Starbucks, had given me that secret sauce needed to seriously pursue a career as an Event Planner.  The rest is history.  Now my days are filled with bringing love to life for my clients in Sunny So Cal.  Today I’ve lost count of how many dresses I’ve bustled,  grand entrances qued or favors I’ve set.  There is something special about witnessing one of the biggest days of most peoples lives.  It’s like my own VIP window into the most intimate moments I would otherwise not be a part of.  That’s pretty darn special and I don’t take that for granted.  Enough about me, what’s in it for you?  My personal promise is that you have someone to turn from the get go for whatever event related “OMG” moment you face.  No limits apply.  Aren’t sure about etiquette?  I’ll shed some light on that.  Want to meet for a cup of coffee to talk about details?  I love coffee and fine tuning, so you bet I’ll be there.  And day of?  You can count on ME and my trusted assistant to have your back from start to finish.  Events fly by and I’ve got the grit to be on my feet for 12 hours while rocking every detail you’ve picked out.  I can’t wait to slay this crazy event planning road with you!